Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes, I Live Here!

Sometimes the worst and best parts of working from your home are just that, being home. It's a struggle sometimes to find that balance, I mean it is your home but it needs to look nice when people are coming over but again it is a home- sometimes there is folded laundry on the couch.... sometimes there are dishes in the sink or they are drying, sometimes there is paper on the floor from the work I did in the late hours of the night. That's just the way it is :)but it is difficult. I finally splurged and found someone to come and clean once a week and that has been a HUGE releif! HUGE! I cannot beleive how much brain space has been freed up by the one act! So here, picture of my kitchen, we have no cupboards except ones that are supper high and I cannot reach even with a step stool so everything we use is out to see......

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