Saturday, July 26, 2008

Penguin's Perfect Picnic

My children's Engish class has been working on the topic - Midnight Picnic- to finish I read the book Penguins Perfect Picnic, we played the matching Bingo Game and then the kids all colored their own Penguin Picnic Pictures. I brought out the crayons and what I had forgotten is the Japanese kids usually grab the pencils, they all did- pencils, erasers and black crayons- I had completly forgotten how they draw...... They also went to their room and grabbed a container of penguins to use as models, I think each kid had their own! The purpose of the activity was to go ever the picnic words again in a fun way and also check to see and introduce new words using the bingo game and book with pictures in places instead of words. This book was a GREAT ESL activity. It is illustrated by Jannie Ho- you can see more of her fun style here- A lot of people arn't getting the artist names- "what- Chickengirl, What is Spadazzle- Dogbone Art- what? oh well it is all FUN! Anyways- enjoy the pictures- you can see Sakura (the only girl in the class of 9) tried to make her penguin like Jannie's looks pretty good, one boy in the class did Penguin Manga (I need to find out what it says!!!) Sorry for the blue pictures- I will have to re-take them later......

Friday, July 25, 2008

Japanese Butterflies

Started this while living in Okinawa but never finished it- it was just a bunch of butterflies made from Washi paper, I now have added flowers from my painted papers- a little different than my normal style- The butterflies are all dressed up in their Kimonos!!!!

My Japanese House

A collage I did for our "We've Moved" then never got it printed and sent out.......... I decided with being in Japan and having tons of papers to choose from to incorporate some Japanese Washi Papers into the collage. We have a Ume Tree in the yard- we missed it since we moved in - in May but it blooms pink flowers all over it- I need to take pictures during the day, but it seems I never am here or don't get around to it- so here is the collage with un-natural light and no flash....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Star Wars Celebrate Japan Darth Vador Masks

Nothing to do with the artwork of Spadazzle but interesting. My husband and son went to Star Wars Celebrate Japan (I am not into Star Wars) they said I would have enjoyed the 30 something painted masks on display so they took photos- so here they are. To see more Japanese stuff just go to my other blog-

More Polka Dots with Polka Dots

More dots again! I was in a polka dot mood!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

English Class/Art Class

Last weeks class was part collage/art class. We worked on colors and shapes, school supplies- example - please cut a red circle, put glue on the circle, tear the paper, pass the scissors- please and thank you! Fun class- today I gave them all their collages back after taking them home to seal. They liked the shinyness (is that even a word....?) I think they turned out pretty good. We are going to be doing a collage a month, based on the them, the next collage will have something to do with bugs and stuff! Today they learned to read 3 words (like, a and I) I decided sight words would be good since their are around 300- and I was able to make them into a booklet based on the midnight picnic theme! (I like cake, I like cookies, I like apples, I like sandwiches) they learned to recognize I and like then added the pictures of their lesson words so they could read the book! Next week is I like Colors ( I like red, I like blue etc.) Here are their pictures! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lots and Lots of Polka Dots!!!!!

I love Polka Dots! They are so much fun! These collage painting (plus a yellow one not shown) go with the ABC's and 123's as a set. Each circle is hand cut and then glued and collaged. Looks kinda like candy! (Looks better in real life- had to use flash on these photos or else they would not come out....)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Home is a Tree

Home is a Tree! I wonder what it would be like to live way up high in a tree?????


A picture of R2D2 made by my son.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Studio In the Works

My studio/classroom in the works- almost completed now- just a few more things to get- something to cover the tatami mats and a table, soem curtains to cover up my mess of a closet and then it is ready to go.