Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost Finished!!

I think there is about 10 layers on him now. I am trying to stop- even though his neck is mis-shaped (but if it wern't for the support he probably would have broken by now) I'm going to give him about a week to dry add some stuff and then start painting. Less than 3 weeks till he needs to be ready-

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paper Mache

Here is my giraffe with a couple of coats of paper mache. I am now on I think the 5th or 6th layer and letting in dry out more by the sun. I think I will put another 2-3 layers this week and let it totally dry before sanding and painting, collaging. More pictures to come later on! Oh- and a picture of the messy table, actually I cleaned it a little bit before posting the picture......

Monday, April 20, 2009

Giant Paper Mache Happy the Giraffe

My Gigantic paper mache form. It took a few hours but we had it all formed from boxes, egg cartons, paper, bubble wrap and then tons of masking tape. The first two layers of paper mache have been added, those pictures will come later. I can only do 1 layer a day as it takes almost 2 hours and my legs and back hurt from having to move weird ways to reach all the spots, the 2nd layer was definitely easier than the first, I think I have figured out a couple of ways to make it easier. Check back for updates.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Students Artwork

Here are some of my homeschool students artwork. They are working on a collage "sampler" We first started with covering the canvas with recycled calander pages and other paper scraps to creat a background, painted them and used stamps, bubblewrap, etc to add then used the Hungry Caterpilar Book pages with cut circles as the idea for the collage- the children then had to cut circles in either warm or cool colors based on the color of their canvas. Next week we will be sewing on them with embroider thread and adding sequins, then scanning and printing limmited edition ACEO's for them to matte and have on hand as gifts!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Zealand

Got an e-mail from the lady in New Zealand about the exchange. My collages are displayed in both galleries- as soon as I can find the pictures I will post them here. Not much going on- teaching classes, going places (see my other blog- and my flickr) been trying to conform to a "normal persons schedule" but all that has been doing is frustrating me and I am accomplishing less. I think I am better off staying up till 3 am and sleeping till 10 ish and actually accomplishing something- I think it is ridiculous............ How come people have to look at you like there is something wrong with you because you do stuff until 3 am and sleep late....... I have had someone actually ask me what was wrng with me!!!!! I have GOALS!!! and they seem to be able to get accomplished if I work late! It is funny................ I am trying to finish my degree which would allow me to teach- pre-k, HeadStart, Elem, Jr. High and High School, with a couple more art classes- art too and if I throw in another reading class and 2 more special ed, those too- which would make me very marketable. I would love to teach art (exhibiting makes me more marketable for this too) but it is weird that I would stay up late............. Now I thought about it....... If I told someone I was working on my onlike classes and homework till 3 am for medical school or on my law degree they would think OH.... or if I was a nurse and worked till 1 am and slept at 3 and woke at 10 they would think nothing of it, any night shift job for that matter but for some weird reason I am an outcast because of my schedule............ this was part of the thing that is good about homeschooling.... my son reads till around 11:30 and wakes around 9:30 then reads in his bed till 10 when I wake up and then we eat breakfast............ why is this considered weird????? It's not like I am doing it because I am lazy!!!!! Infact I heave less sleep problems when I am not trying to conform......... What do you think?