Thursday, May 28, 2009

FingerPrint Friday

Look what's in our yard....... I think it lives in the little jungle area in the back, I think it is looking for food, it think it has chased our little bird friends away. It is cute but I am staying away from it. I hope it doesn't try to get into the house for food :)I really hope :)I think it likes the tree with fruit in the yard- no clue yet what it is but the housing office is supposed to find out for us. Enjoy- take a look at more FingerPrint Friday's over at

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wow! What A Week!

Design Festa! Yokohama MM21 Tour! Nissan Car Factory Tour! Yokohama MM21 Dinner and Starbucks! I am exhausted. Cleaned up Liam's paper stash from his room (3 hours of purging!) Cleaning up my room so I can teach 3 classes this week!almost finished in there so I am taking a break and relaxing :) Here is my finishd Paper Mache Giraffe- see his band-aid? He got a little dinged up on the way to Design Festa but overall he has held up pretty good! Now all the kids want me to teach a paper mache class- maybe soon if the weather stays nice!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Design Festa Pictures!

Finally met Boojil in person. I have been following her blog for over 2 years, e-mailed a few times. She is the person who told me about the Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo :) Saw her painting on the wall and thought "I know that painting" I introduced myself and she came over to see my booth. Turns out she lives very close to me and wants to study English and go to the U.S. We are going to trade! She is going to help me with professional art stuff and I will help her with her English! how exciting, we were in the same row at Design Festa- Her artwork is very bright, colorful and Happy too :) Enjoy

Design Festa

Pictures from the Design Festa Volume 29 Event yesterday. Exciting day, met lots of different people, saw tons of stuff- very tired :) Today we are just resting! If you are interested in anything you see on my table just let me know!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy, Students work, Cub Scouts

Pictures of the following- Happy getting sanded so he an be painted!! Started tonight, sanded for about an hour, broke the little thing on his head- glued it back :( Hopefully it stays!

Students work- work of my Tuesday Art Class projet for Mother's Day! I love how their paintings/collages turned out! I set them up for everyone to view together- art show style! Nice to hear everyone say nice things about each others work :)

Cub Scout project- I helped them make collages for Mother's Day, my husband helped them make the stands today. I LOVE how they turned out- it was also nice that they were able to work on one of their Cub Scout pins/badges from the project!

That's all for now. Keep looking for updates on my giraffe- I can't wait for him to be in COLOR!!! So far I have had 2 small children try to sit on him and pose with their arms around him! CUTE :P

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Buying a table for $50 for the Design Festa in Tokyo in 2 weeks. Just found out that to ship the table round trip from my house to the site is about $60....... It is going to cost more to ship the thing than it cost to buy it...... Could have rented but had a hard time paying almost $60 to rent for the day..... I guess at least I will have the table to use whenever- I cannot believe how much it costs!!!!!!!!!! Now that I think about it I probably should have made Happy a little smaller- I wonder how much he will cost to ship? You can be sure I will be packing anything I can into those boxes, since they are so big- they charge by the size- even though the weight is light so I will be shoving everything I can fit into it! Oh- and to drive it would have been about $50 in tolls round trip, my husband and son would have to stay around all day, add in gas, parking- I guess the delivery charge isn't sooooooo BAD!!! It just seems very funny! Need to sell some more prints! Anyone want Texas Flag prints? I have a ton, I think I will discount them!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy in the Garden

Sunning today! Trying to dry him out completly before I paint next week. Can't wait until he is in full color!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sun Bathing Happy

That's what he is doing today! I hope he dries soon! Now I am just trying to figure out how I will transport him on the train into Tokyo during rush hour....... my son suggested putting him in a stroller! I always forget about the size of things-