Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I really am starting to like how it is coming together. Now I will go shopping and for a walk while waiting for the white paint to dry then I can glue everything down and add the candle flames. I really like the colors :) I think I will have to make a seperate one with boy colors. I plan on printing these up to have on hand ready for a birthday!
I piled all the candles all over the cake, I remember how I always wanted to use the whole box or 2! I loved the way candles look, especially the striped ones......... so this is perfect for any age!
What's weird about this piece is that all the sudden out of nowhere I just saw this cake... I will probably be craving SUGAR soon :)

1 comment:

Bobbie Dacus said...

I like it... very fun colors with such a "happy" feeling!