Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy, Students work, Cub Scouts

Pictures of the following- Happy getting sanded so he an be painted!! Started tonight, sanded for about an hour, broke the little thing on his head- glued it back :( Hopefully it stays!

Students work- work of my Tuesday Art Class projet for Mother's Day! I love how their paintings/collages turned out! I set them up for everyone to view together- art show style! Nice to hear everyone say nice things about each others work :)

Cub Scout project- I helped them make collages for Mother's Day, my husband helped them make the stands today. I LOVE how they turned out- it was also nice that they were able to work on one of their Cub Scout pins/badges from the project!

That's all for now. Keep looking for updates on my giraffe- I can't wait for him to be in COLOR!!! So far I have had 2 small children try to sit on him and pose with their arms around him! CUTE :P

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