Sunday, May 3, 2009


Buying a table for $50 for the Design Festa in Tokyo in 2 weeks. Just found out that to ship the table round trip from my house to the site is about $60....... It is going to cost more to ship the thing than it cost to buy it...... Could have rented but had a hard time paying almost $60 to rent for the day..... I guess at least I will have the table to use whenever- I cannot believe how much it costs!!!!!!!!!! Now that I think about it I probably should have made Happy a little smaller- I wonder how much he will cost to ship? You can be sure I will be packing anything I can into those boxes, since they are so big- they charge by the size- even though the weight is light so I will be shoving everything I can fit into it! Oh- and to drive it would have been about $50 in tolls round trip, my husband and son would have to stay around all day, add in gas, parking- I guess the delivery charge isn't sooooooo BAD!!! It just seems very funny! Need to sell some more prints! Anyone want Texas Flag prints? I have a ton, I think I will discount them!

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