Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Students Artwork

Here are some of my homeschool students artwork. They are working on a collage "sampler" We first started with covering the canvas with recycled calander pages and other paper scraps to creat a background, painted them and used stamps, bubblewrap, etc to add then used the Hungry Caterpilar Book pages with cut circles as the idea for the collage- the children then had to cut circles in either warm or cool colors based on the color of their canvas. Next week we will be sewing on them with embroider thread and adding sequins, then scanning and printing limmited edition ACEO's for them to matte and have on hand as gifts!

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Patty P said...

I love your artwork! It's all so colorful and happy.
Thanks for the email. I'm going to think about posting your question and seeing about answering it through the site. It's a great question and others have asked me the same thing. I'll be sure to include some pictures of my files which I think will help.
Patty from Deep Space Sparkle