Saturday, July 26, 2008

Penguin's Perfect Picnic

My children's Engish class has been working on the topic - Midnight Picnic- to finish I read the book Penguins Perfect Picnic, we played the matching Bingo Game and then the kids all colored their own Penguin Picnic Pictures. I brought out the crayons and what I had forgotten is the Japanese kids usually grab the pencils, they all did- pencils, erasers and black crayons- I had completly forgotten how they draw...... They also went to their room and grabbed a container of penguins to use as models, I think each kid had their own! The purpose of the activity was to go ever the picnic words again in a fun way and also check to see and introduce new words using the bingo game and book with pictures in places instead of words. This book was a GREAT ESL activity. It is illustrated by Jannie Ho- you can see more of her fun style here- A lot of people arn't getting the artist names- "what- Chickengirl, What is Spadazzle- Dogbone Art- what? oh well it is all FUN! Anyways- enjoy the pictures- you can see Sakura (the only girl in the class of 9) tried to make her penguin like Jannie's looks pretty good, one boy in the class did Penguin Manga (I need to find out what it says!!!) Sorry for the blue pictures- I will have to re-take them later......

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Chickengirl said...

WOW! Thank you for using my book and showing the kids' drawings. They are so adorable! AND a penguin manga?!? I MUST see this!

Thank you so much, it made my day and put a smile on my face :-)