Friday, July 18, 2008

English Class/Art Class

Last weeks class was part collage/art class. We worked on colors and shapes, school supplies- example - please cut a red circle, put glue on the circle, tear the paper, pass the scissors- please and thank you! Fun class- today I gave them all their collages back after taking them home to seal. They liked the shinyness (is that even a word....?) I think they turned out pretty good. We are going to be doing a collage a month, based on the them, the next collage will have something to do with bugs and stuff! Today they learned to read 3 words (like, a and I) I decided sight words would be good since their are around 300- and I was able to make them into a booklet based on the midnight picnic theme! (I like cake, I like cookies, I like apples, I like sandwiches) they learned to recognize I and like then added the pictures of their lesson words so they could read the book! Next week is I like Colors ( I like red, I like blue etc.) Here are their pictures! Enjoy!

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