Thursday, July 8, 2010

Around Japan

Freezing Bug Spray, originally uploaded by artofspadazzle.

yes, you read it correctly. -85 celsius, what the heck. What is that in F.????? Well, I did a quick google search an it appears that it is about -121 degrees F. WOW! That is crazy, stupid crazy, insane....... and maybe a little bit, just a tad DANGEROUS. Okay so I should probably keep it away from my son and I am a little afraid to use it myself but compare it with the scary giant bugs, like centipedes that we have and some other really freaky insects, bugs, whatever and maybe it is not so scary afterall. Anyways, we have some pretty freaky bugs here in Japan, a few that I have never seen anywhere else and HUGE, GIANT cockroaches, the kind that you would find in places like.......Guam, Hawaii and Okinawa. You know how they get in the house? they actually come thru the drains- now that I think about it maybe there is something I can put over the drain so they don't come in? well, they also come in thru the door...I think. They are just freaky. So this spray was recommended by a friend and it freezes the bugs, it is amazing because smashing them, well they just squiggle and move around and don't die forever but this spray is supposed to be INSTANT! I am actually looking forward to finding a bug as long as it isn't in my clothes, my shoes or in the middle of the night crawling on me!!!! YUCK! So come on bugs, looking forward to testing out my new spray tomorrow. The fight is on, but please don't bother me while I am sleeping!