Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guest Speaker : Camp Adventure

I was invited to teach collage again at Camp Adventure. This time I taught 2 groups of aprox 50 or so kids in each. The first group made these pictures, they were kids 5-7 and had the choice of making ATC (Artist Trading Cards) in either the collage style or drawing. Many asked "What do I make?" anything was allowed - so you can see how ATC's starting turning into full size collages, it is nice how they just go and there is no stopping the creativity. For the collages in addition to painted papers we used brightly colored oragami papers! Glue sticks were a MUST as this eliminated the mess that goes with regular glue! NOTE to anyone teaching kids- NEVER raise up a peice of gold or silver oragami paper and ask who would like some unless you are prepared to be almost tackled :) The second group were 3-4th graderes and they made "inchies" The rule with them was that had to make 1 for me and then 1 for them and that was all- besides being "camp friendl" (example- no violance) There picture will be shown later as I am arranging the inchies into a collaborative piece. These kids really enjoyed looking thru my portfolio that was on the side table, they made a lot of fun inchies and it was neat listening to the stories that came with the inchies as they were given to me. Fun classes- today my voice hurts!

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Chickengirl said...

LOL, I want a piece of gold paper too!!!

The cards are so adorable!