Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This car ROCKS! I mean BUS!!

O.K. it really does, due to the wheels being wobbly......... anyways it made it to the finsh line- infact 3rd place out of 4 cars isn't bad. We were just happy to see it make it :) I was excited to enter my bus- Destination Paradise! into the Cub Scout PineWood Derby (open class) Couldn't cut a car so I cut paper and collaged a PINK bus, all sparkly and glittery...... definatly could have won prettiest car :)

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Milly, Team Leader, Etsy Texas Crafters said...

I love your pink sparkly bus!!! You should see some of the Pinewood Derby cars my Mom, Dad, and brothers created and during our scouting years....Mom entered one that looked like a lady's bikini-clad body (blue suit, of course) -- everyone told her she had an unfair advantage because the starting pole on the track went right between her breasts! And the little boys were afraid to carry it!!!! Great Memories!!!!