Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Bazaar

Pictures from the Holiday Bazaar. This was my first large set up like this, I never realized how much space I could take up....... Done with all that, now just listing tons on my Etsy and trying to find a few more places to set up inexpensivly this season :) You can check out my new sign I made for my table- it says : Spadazzle, Sparkly, Sassy & Sunny. I made it using a canvas board and collaged everything to it- it has worked good for indoor shows. Well, that's all for now- be sure to check back- I'll be putting my holdiay designs in my shop soon :)


Bee said...

Ooooo look at all those goodies :) I love how colourful your art is, just beautiful and fun.

Spadazzle said...